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Reservations: 202-333-7600
2434 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington DC 20007
to find us click MAP


“Vorspeisen” - Appetizers

“Salat des Hauses” small $6.00 large $10.00
Old Europe‘s house salad - garden greens tossed in our house-made vinaigrette
served on top of German cucumber, cabbage and lentil salad

“Salatteller Cäsar” small $6.00 large $10.00
Romain lettuce tossed in our house-made Caesar dressing*
topped with parmesan cheese, croutons and bits of bacon

“Rote Beete- und Krautsalat” $6.00
Marinated red beets with white and red cabbage salad

“Leberpastete vom Schwein” $9.00
Pork liver pate served on a bed of garden greens

“Hering Hausfrauen Art” $8.00
Marinated herring in a sour cream sauce with apples, onions and pickles
garnished with a petit salad bouquet

Smoked Salmon
house-cured salmon
“Geräuchertes Forellenfilet mit Meerrettichsahne” $9.00
House-smoked trout filet served with horseradish cream sauce
garnished with a petit salad bouquet

“Hausgebeizter Lachs” $9.00
House-cured salmon served with our honey mustard sauce
garnished with a petit salad bouquet

“Steak Tartar” $13.00
Beef steak tartar ground to order prepared with
onions, capers, anchovies, parsley and an egg yolk*
garnished with a petit salad bouquet

“Gulaschsuppe” cup $6.00  bowl $11.00
A chunky beef soup with paprika, bell pepers, onions and potatoes

“Kartoffelpuffer” $7.00
Golden brown potato pancakes served with your choice of apple sauce or sour cream

“Wurstteller” $18.00
An assortment of our handmade German Sausages:
Bratwurst, Bauernwurst, Knackwurst, and Debreziner Wurst
sliced bite size for two or more guests
and served with a taste of sauerkraut and our mustard duo

* contains raw and uncooked ingredients which might be harmful to your health

Old Europe Schnitzel Specialties

“Jägerschnitzel vom Schwein nach Art des Houses” $23.00
Old Europe‘s pork Schnitzel Hunter style
(your choice of breaded or unbreaded)
presented with a button mushroom cream sauce
and our house-made Spätzle topped with
sautéed button mushrooms and crispy bits of bacon
“Jägerschnitzel vom Kalb” ~ prime veal Schnitzel Hunter style $26.00
“Jägerschnitzel vom Huhn” ~ chicken Schnitzel Hunter style $18.00

Wiener Schnitzel
Wiener Schnitzel
with home fried potatoes
“Wiener Schnitzel” $25.00
Traditional breaded prime veal Schnitzel
presented with home fried potatoes
and a house salad on the side
(Schnitzel Holstein add $3.50)

“Schnitzel Old Europe” $27.00
An original house recipe created
by the Lichtenstein family
served with your choice of two sides

Pork Schnitzel “Wiener Art” ~ Vienna style $23.00
Chicken Schnitzel “Wiener Art" ~ Vienna style $18.00

Old Europe House Specialties

“Old Europe’s Sausage Combo” $19.00
A combination of handmade Bratwurst and Bauernwurst
on a bed of sauerkraut served with warm German potato salad
~ add an additional sausage for $5.50 each ~

“Bratwurst” - pan seared pork and beef sausage
“Bauernwurst” - boiled or pan fried smoked pork and beef sausage
“Weißwurst” - traditional Bavarian poached veal and pork sausage
“Knackwurst” - boiled or pan fried pork sausage
“Debreziner Wurst” - Hungarian style boiled or pan fried
spicy smoked pork and beef sausage

Bavarian style pork shank
“Schweinshaxe Bayerische Art” $26.00
Bavarian style roasted pork shank
served with sauerkraut and potato dumplings
topped with dark beer gravy

“Traditioneller Sauerbraten” $21.00
Marinated slices of braised beef in a
sweet and sour raisin sauce topped with
toasted almonds served with
potato dumplings and apple red cabbage

“Ungarisches Gulasch mit Spätzle” $18.00
Hungarian style beef stew
served with our house-made spätzle

“Zwiebelsteak” $23.00
Sautéed sirloin steak smothered in roasted onions and dark beer gravy
served with home fried potatoes and a house salad on the side

“Pfeffersteak Deutsche Art” $24.00
Sautéed sirloin steak topped with a peppercorn brandy cream sauce
served with roasted red potatoes and a Caesar salad on the side

“Hähnchenbrust Schwarzwälder Art” $18.00
Sautéed chicken breast topped with a
button mushroom cream sauce and sour cherries
served with our house-made spätzle and a vegetable medley

“Lachsschnitte” $21.00
Filet of salmon topped with a creamy Riesling dill sauce
presented with parsley potatoes and julienne vegetables
(please choose one of the following preparation style:
pan seared, broiled or poached)

“Forelle Müllerin Art” $22.00
Pan seared boneless trout
served with parsley potatoes and a house salad on the side
(also available broiled or poached)

The following side dishes are available for substitutions
or additionally for $4.00

apple red cabbage - sauerkraut - vegetable medley
sautéed button mushrooms - Spätzle - roasted onions
potato dumplings - parsley potatoes - home fried potatoes
roasted red potaotes - German potato salad (warm or cold)

(upcharge of $1.50 on substitutions for the following items)
German potato salad with bacon - potato pancakes - cheese spätzle $5.00

“Für den Gemüsefreund”
For the Vegetable Lover

“Bunter Gemüseteller”
A cornucopia of our vegetables, sauerkraut, red cabbage,
mushrooms, home fried potatoes, Spätzle, grilled tomato and a potato pancake

“Gemüse Omelett” $16.00
Garden fresh vegetables and our cheese trio folded into an omelet
topped with sautéed button mushrooms and served with a salad garnish

Please view our seasonal specials for vegetarian options,
or check with your server about aur daily special.

~ should you have any dietary requests or restrictions
please consult with your server ~
~ we do have a gluten free menu available for your convenience ~

“Getränke” - Beverages

House Wines by the glass $7.00
(also available by the bottle)
White Wine: Riesling~Spätlese~Grüner Veltliner~Gewürztraminer
Liebfraumilch~Riesling Sekt~German sparkling wine
Red Wine: Rosé~Zweigelt~Blaufränkisch~Spätburgunder
- please inquire about our complete wine list -

German Spirits - Schnapps - Specialty Cordials
Jägermeister~Underberg~Killepitsch~Becherovka~Asbach Uralt
Apple Schnapps~Pear Schnapps~Wild Cherry Schnapps~Der saure Fritz!
Bärenjäger~Steinhäger Gin~Bistra Slivovitz~Navip Klekovaca
Getreide Kümmel~Alter Friese~Goldwasser~Echte Kroatzbeere

Non alcoholic Beverages $3.50
Two free refills for Soft Drinks, Iced Tea and Coffee only
Coca Cola~Diet Coke~Sprite~Fanta~Spezi~Root Beer~Ginger Ale
Shirley Temple ~ Roy Rogers
Apfelschorle~Apple Juice~Orange Juice~Cranberry Juice~Tomato Juice
Soda Water~Mineral Water~Tonic Water
German Sparkling Mineral Water (large bottle) $8.00
Iced Tea~Hot Tea Selection~Milk~Hot Chocolate
Coffee ~ Decaffeinated Coffee

Our Coffee specialties

“Rüdesheimer Kaffee” $9.00
Coffee flavored with Asbach Brandy
topped with wipped cream and chocolate shavings

“Franziskaner Kaffee” $9.00
Coffee laced with Frangelico topped with whipped cream

“Betty‘s Irish Coffee” $9.00
Coffee laced with Irish Whiskey
topped with whipped cream and Crème de Menthe

“Kaffee Wiener Art” $5.00
Coffee generously topped with whipped cream

“Deutscher Eis Kaffee” $7.00
Chilled coffee with vanilla ice cream
topped with whipped cream

Upon request, any selection can be made with decaffeinated coffee

We will be happy
to present our dessert tray.

Try our delicous Black Forest Cake,
or other fine tortes and cakes.


~ We reserve the right to place a gratuity of 18% on tables of five or more guests ~
~ for your convenience 18% gratuity will be applied to guest checks, when a tax exempt ID is presented ~
~ for separate checks a gratuity of 20% is applied ~
Thank you for understanding

“Bei uns läuft nichts vom Band,
wir kochen noch mit
und Hand!”

* Prices subject to change without notice *