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Reservations: 202-333-7600
2434 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington DC 20007
to find your way click  MAP

Would you like to add a little traditional German flavor to your next event? Buffet Table OLD EUROPE provides off-site catering services for events starting from 25 guests to well over 100. Depending on the menu items you decide on, our fare is prepared fresh daily and can even be grilled on site for that extra flair.

Whatever your budget, Old Europe can provide an event with linen and porcelain or something easy with disposable plastic. We would like to make your party successful. Take a look at our list of items below and we will work with you to create a unique German event.

Please call 202-333-7600
and ask for Alex,
or email catering@old-europe.com
so that we can begin planning your next event. References are gladly made available.

Pictures from some of our off-site functions:

Off-site Luncheon Office luncheon Sweet treats at off site event
click images for larger view

more photos about Old Europe Catering and Banquets

Meat Items
seasonal items are subject to availability, please inquire

"Deutsche Wurst" - German Sausages
Bratwurst, Bauernwurst, Weisswurst, Frankfurters, Wiener Würstchen, Debriziner, Kielbasa, Nürnberger, Landjäger, Knackwurst
Old Europe's Goulash Specialties
Paprika Veal Goulash
Hungarian Beef Goulash
Szegediener Goulash (Pork and Sauerkraut)
Old fashioned Sauerbraten
Marinated beef braised and served in our sweet and sour raisin sauce
Roasted Pork in dark beer gravy
topped with roasted onions
"Schwarzwälder Hühnchen"
Black Forest Chicken

Sautèed Chicken Breast in mushroom cream sauce topped with sour cherries
Boiled Beef Brisket topped with horseradish cream sauce and julienne vegetables
Creamy Salmon-Spinach-Lasagna
Old Europe Kassler
Caramelized smoked Loin of Pork
Beef Round Steak

stuffed with bacon, carrots, pickles and onions
Thinly sliced and sautèed meat strips in a mushroom cream sauce laced with riesling wine, with your choice of: Pork Tenderloin, Veal or Chicken
1/2 roasted Chicken with rosemary
"Königsberger Klopse"
Poached meat dumplings in a wild caper cream sauce
Old Europe BBQ Specialties ...
rubbed and smoked the old fashioned way.
BBQ Pork Ribs and BBQ Chicken
"Schnitzel Wiener Art vom Schwein
oder Hühnchen"

Breaded Pork or Chicken Schnitzel
"Jägerschnitzel vom Schwein"
Sautèed Pork Loin steaks in mushroom cream sauce
Sautèed petit steaks in a mixed bell pepper paprika sauce with your choice of: Pork, Veal or Chicken
Marinated Pork or Chicken skewers
with mixed bell peppers, red onions and mushrooms

Vegetables/Side Dishes
seasonal items are subject to availability, please inquire

German Potato Salad with or without bacon
"Apfelrotkohl" - Apple Red Cabbage
Old Europe Sauerkraut
Spätzle/Cheese Spätzle
"Kartoffelpuffer" - Potato Pancakes

with apple sauce and sour cream
Baked Potatoes with herbed garlic sour cream
Potato Purèe
Parsley Potatoes
Pan seared Potato Dumplings
"Leipziger Allerlei" - Seasonal Vegetables

seasonal items are subject to availability, please inquire

Goulash Soup
Split Pea Vegetable or Lentil Vegetable

(both also available with Kassler or Sausage)
Chicken Leek and Rice
Barley Vegetable with smoked Loin of Pork
French Onion
Bavarian Mushroom Soup
Cream of Potato Leek
Cream of Chicken Curry
Cream of Zucchini with mixed Bell Peppers

Chilled fruity Cherry Cinnamon
Chilled creamy Potato Cucumber
Chilled Watermelon Champagne

Vorspeisen - Appetizers
seasonal items are subject to availability, please inquire

Old Europe's most favorite Salads:
German Potato Salad
(avalable with or without bacon),
Cucumber Dill Salad, Red and White Cabbage Salad,
Cole Slaw, Tomato Salad, Pickled Beet Salad,
Lentil Salad, Cherry Tomato & Zucchini Salad,
Tomato Mozzarella Salad with house made basil pine nut pesto,
Red Bean Salad with sweet Corn and Bell Peppers,
"Radisalat" - Radish Salad, German noodle Salad,
"Regensburger Wurstsalat" - German Sausage Salad,
Anti Pasti with Eggplant, Zucchini and mixed Bell Peppers,
Herring Salad, Chicken Pineapple Salad,
Baby Shrimp Cocktail

Finger Foods and Petit Bites
"Bunte Schnittchen" - Assorted Canapés,
Mini "Lauchkuchen" - Quiche Loraine with Ham,
"Kleine Frikadellen" - bite size Meatballs,
Deviled Eggs, "Schaschlik" – mini Shish Kabob (chicken or pork)
Petit Chicken Schnitzel,
"Spargelröllchen" - Asparagus Ham Rolls (seasonal)

Buffet Platters
Assorted Cheese Platter
decorated with fresh fruits and gourmet crackers
available with house made "Obazda",
Various German Cold Cut Platter with a multi colored garnish,
House cured Salmon Platter with our own Honey Mustard Sauce
(available in combination with Lachs Tatar)

Old Europe's Bread Basket
with your choice of
German Rolls, Bagette, Pumpernickel, German Rye, Marble Bread, Laugen Pretzel (seasonal), German Sourdough, "Kümmelstangen"

Nachspeisen - Desserts
seasonal items are subject to availability, please inquire

"Apfelstrudel" - Apple Strudel with Vanilla Sauce,
"Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte" - Black Forest Cake,
Sacher Torte, Marble Cheese Cake, Carrot Cake,
"Haselnusstorte" - Hazelnut Butter Cream Cake,
German Chocolate Cake,
Dark or White Chocolate Mousse Cake,
"Fruchttörtchen" - Fruit Tarts (seasonal),
"Bayrisch Cream" - Bavarian Cream (Chocolate, Vanilla),
"Rote Grütze" - Mixed Berry Compote
Rhubarb Compote (seasonal)
"Obstsalat mit Rum" - Fruit Salad with Rum

~ All menu items are subject to change ~