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Reservations: 202-333-7600
2434 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington DC 20007
to find your way click
Old Europe‘s Beer Selection

Our Current Draught Beers
ein kleines Bier/small (10oz.) $6.00
ein halber Liter Bier/pint (16.9oz.) $8.00
0.4 liter Radeberger only (13.5oz.) $8.00
ein Maß Bier/Liter (33.8oz.) $14.00

Radeberger Pilsner 4.8% alc/vol.
Spaten Optimator 7.6%
Franziskaner Hefe-Dunkel 4.8%
Köstritzer Schwarzbier 4.8%

Draught Beer Sampler
equal to 16oz. for $12.00

Refreshing Mixed Beer Drinks
Radler/Alster and Diesel

available in draft beer sizes


Wheat Beer Selection
half liter bottles (pint) $8.00
Weihenstephaner Kristall 5.4% alc.
Erdinger Hefe Weizen Kristall 5.3%
Erdinger Hefe Weizen 5.3%
Erdinger Hefe Weizen Dark 5.3%
Franziskaner Weissbier Hell 5.0%
also available in a 12oz bottle for $6.00
Julius Echter Hefe Weiss 4.9%
Schneider Weisse 5.4%
Aventinus Doppelbock 8.2%
Berliner Weisse mit Schuss 5.0%
0.5liter bottle (pint) $9.00

NonAlcoholic Beer
0.33 liter bottles (11.2oz.) $6.00
Bitburger Drive

Regional Specialty Beers
0.33 liter bottles (11.2oz.) $6.00
Rothaus Pils 5.3% alc.
Veltins Pilsner 4.8%
Bitburger Pilsner 4.8%
Jever Pilsener 4.9%
Aventinus Eisbock 12% alc.
0.3liter bottles (12oz.) $8.00

Augustiner Bräu Edelstoff 5.7%
Augustiner Bräu Maximator 7.5%
Paulaner Salvator 7.9%
Zywiec Poland‘s #1 Premium Beer 5.6%
Lammsbräu Pilsner
Lammsbräu Dunkel

a premium Bavarian Lager & Dark Lager 4.8%
USDA ORGANIC! 0.33 liter bottle (11.2oz.) $7.00

Uerige “Doppel Sticke” 8.5% alc.
0.33 liter flip top bottle (11.2oz.) $7.00
“dat leckere Dröppke” from Düsseldorf est. 1862

“We love to toast and so do you
but if you break it it‘s on you !!!”
* * Prices subject to change without notice * *