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2434 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington DC 20007
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June through August

”Erdbeerbowle” - Strawberry Punch
fresh Strasberries floating in
”Sekt” - German sparkling wine and May wine

”Watermelon Champagne Float”

”Sanfter Engel”

gentle angel - orange juice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Tomato Mozzarella $8.50
topped with our house made basil pine nut pesto
and tossed garden greens

Breaded and baked Brie cheese $9.00
on top of our fruity summer salad and garden greens

Our Chilled Soups
Chilled watermelon champagne soup
Chilled cucumber-dill-sour cream soup
Fruity chilled cherry soup ... great as an appetizer or dessert!


”Summer Schnitzel Toast” $16.00
a breaded Pork Schnitzel resting on a slice of toasted rye bread
in a bed of tossed garden greens, topped with
sautéed mushrooms and a sunny side up fried egg

”Kassler Hawaii” $14.00
smoked pork loin topped with fresh pineapple
and gouda cheese au gratin presented on a bed of
garden greens tossed in our raspberry vinaigrette

”Sommersalat mit Entenbrust” $15.00
sautéed duck breast on a bed of garden greens
garnished with fresh fruits


”Pfirsich Melba”
Vanilla ice cream topped with
peach compote and raspberry sauce

”Eisbecher mit roter Grütze”
Vanilla ice cream topped with a mixed berry compote

Ice cream cup topped with
fresh strawberries tossed in cointreau

* * Menu items and prices subject to change without notice * *